Алматы, Казахстан
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Познакомлюсь : с женщиной в возрасте 20 - 34 лет в районе Казахстан
Цель знакомства: дружба, любовь

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Hi everybody!
Well, speak, that here may be meet a girl.
If it is so, then my mail.
Yo u are welcome!

Your photos reflect your charm, and you hope that I search for precisely you, and you have desire so that I look at your photos, well, agree, let's look at your photos.
Ask for my photos also.
Possibly, you will find our communion attractive.

I hope to set relations and contacts with the foreign scientific funds.
I will busy by the science and other affairs abroad.
I think to meet people with same interests and activity.

If you prefer other activity, by example travel abroad, then don't worry, we may be together.
I don't know how, it is necessary to think.
Let's invent together ...

I'm looking for a girl, to whom interesting abroad.
to live well, and to live well still it is better.

during rest I would like to sing the songs of Frank Sinatra, Chris Norman and of others, with back-vocal.
We will be join together.

well, and my sensation...
New-York was pleasing to me, more than Chikago and Washington.
New-York city that never sleeps.
"I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps" - Frank Sinatra sang about "New-York, New-York ".

dear Ladies, I hope focus your attention for my mail address
a nd...
my cheri, I certainly will read your touching lines at this wonderful place
pleas, write me here...
you are welcome!

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